Waidangong 外丹功 Classes In Singapore Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement pertains to Waidangong 外丹功 Classes In Singapore Home, and this sites Wedmaster is Andy Lim.

This site recognizes every one's right to privacy. I respect the privacy of all visitors by never using personal information unless it has been given to me to use for a specific purpose. Basic points are listed below, of what information is asked for, and how it is used.

I have and will always respect the privacy of all visitors to my web site. Visitors are asked only to use information in guest books, E-mails, or other areas of the web site which they feel comfortable using. The Internet can be a place of improper usage of information so all visitors are asked to offer only information to places they trust. I wish for all to have a safe visit to this and all web sites.

Important Points about the Use of Personal Information at Waidangong 外丹功 Classes in Singapore Home and its programs.

  • C.O.P.P.A. requirements are maintained at this site. No information is ever collected from children under the age of 16. All other information about children must come from parents themselves. This information is only used in child abuse, other abuse information, and memorials of children who died. This information always comes with permission of parents.

  • Articles or Testimony may have names, locations, and pictures about certain people, but they are always given by others who share this information with me. This information is given by E-mail and permission to use the information at Waidangong 外丹功 Classes in Singapore Home is stated in these E-mails. Unless it is, information will not be shown at Waidangong 外丹功 Classes in Singapore Home.

  • Contact Form for comments, may ask for information like personal names and E-mail address, but this information is never used for any purpose other then to notify or recognize their efforts. The visitor need not give out their real names unless they are comfortable with it.

  • Personal information will never be given to others. They can choose to usea nickname instead of their real name in Contact Form for comments. Protecting every one's privacy is important to me. All information is only used as it is freely given for a specific purpose. Permission to use such information is requested by E-mail.

  • Anyone may revoke the use of any information they are not comfortable with at any time. Protecting the privacy of all applicants and guests of Waidangong 外丹功 Classes in Singapore Home is most important to me.

  • Never will phone numbers, specific home addresses, or other personal information be asked for or posted on Waidangong 外丹功 Classes in Singapore Home. names, E-mail addresses, and basic age requirements to meet C.O.P.P.A. standards are all I will ask about the person. Most information is directed at the web site itself.

  • Even in blogs and guestbooks, I ask that my visitors only place information they feel comfortable using. I certainly undersatand being careful. It will never offend me for a visitor to exercise caution.

Keeping the Internet safe is our goal.

Thank you for Visiting.

Andy Lim., Webmaster
Waidangong 外丹功 Classes In Singapore Home
Waidangong 外丹功 Classes in Singapore home was created to share with those who are interested in Waidangong 外丹功 Practised in varies locations around Singapore to improve their health and to enhance the healing of chronic disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, digestive disorders, ulcers, back pains, insomnia and stress reduction.